Monday, July 28, 2014

What type of honeymoon are you up to?

What type of honeymoon are you up to? Here are a few suggestions I found at :) :

Foodiemoon: If your Instagram is chock-full of carefully curated food pics, a foodiemoon is for you. Check out Paradisus Resorts to add more to your palette..

Minimoon: With hectic schedules leading to belated honeymoons, a minimoon is becoming an increasingly popular option for couples. Bermuda, anyone?

Ecomoon: For eco-conscious couples who want to keep their carbon footprint in mind during their honeymoon Costa Rica, is the perfect place.

Glampingmoon: Because there’s nothing sexy about bug spray in your nether regions, glamping marries sleeping under the stars with splashy five-star accommodations. 

Boozymoon: You’ve earned a drink after tying the knot, so why not dedicate your entire honeymoon to proper imbibing? All Inclusive!!! Wineries!!!

Adventuremoon: There can be more to a honeymoon than sipping umbrella drinks by the pool.

Volunteermoon: There are few things more rewarding than giving back — especially on vacation. More couples are choosing to volunteer for their honeymoon, and it’s just as good of a way to start marital bliss as planting yourself at a five-star hotel. 

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