Monday, July 7, 2014

Travel Tips: 5 no-fail tips for packing for your destination wedding.

5 no-fail tips for packing for your destination wedding.

1) Have everything packed and ready to carry about one week before your departure.

2) Make a checklist for your clothing and accessories using your wedding agenda as a guide. Make a similar one for your groom. For example, Welcome Dinner: (me) DVF maxi dress, flat sandals, white cardigan, turquoise necklace and bracelet; (him) navy pants, cream shirt, Oakley flip-flops. Do that for the entire wedding weekend.

3) Do NOT check your wedding dress or his tux. Have your salon or seamstress pack your dress and veil so you can carry it on the plane. Anything of value — your wedding rings and heirloom pieces — should be on your person when you fly. At the airport, alert the gate agent that you are traveling with your wedding attire, so she can give you the proper assistance. Onboard, ask the flight attendant to carefully store your garment bag.

4) Make a list of the gadgets you’ll need and any corresponding wires. If necessary, make sure you’ve got the proper electrical converter. Place all your connection wires in a single plastic bag and place it in your carry-on. You may also want to label your cellphones, cameras and iPads with your name and e-mail address. Busy brides have been known to lose track of those items over the course of such an exciting weekend.

5) Have your groom pack an extra pair of dress pants and closed-toe, non-sporty shoes. Many resort hotels have at least one formal dining room with dress codes. Also, make sure you’ve got all your medications as well as little helpers like sunscreen, tissues aspirin, Pepto-Bismol and anti-itch cream for mosquito bites.

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