Friday, April 18, 2014

Travel Tips

Packing Tips To Go To Italy

Please pack:

Umbrella: It will come handy in case of bad weather. You’ll regret having to buy one from eager street vendors who jack up the price the moment the sky opens.
Tissues: There will inevitably be places that are lacking toilet paper :)
Band Aids and moleskin: In case of foot blisters.
Travel-sized toiletries: This is the stuff that can really add weight, so bring only what you need. Hotels generally supply shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion.
Lightweight duffle bag: To fill with souvenirs for your return trip.
Bikini for warmer months: That’s right! Even if you feel like you’re past your bikini times, you’ll feel odd at Italian beaches and lakes in a one-piece. You’ll see that women of every shape and size would rather feel the sun than fret about their bodies. So go ahead and join in on the pleasure…
Cover-Ups for anything sleeveless. At Saint Peter’s in Rome, you’ll be turned away if your shoulders aren't covered, and all those many churches in Italy with the beautiful masterpieces inside would prefer that you follow the shoulder-cover modesty when you enter.
Copy of your passport, credit card numbers, and toll-free numbers to call in case of credit card loss. Give another copy and your itinerary to someone who can easily be reached, so they can be sent to you if necessary.
Pages of guidebooks: Don’t take the whole heavy book. Rip out pages that apply to your destination.

There's no need to pack:

Hairdryer: Even budget hotels have them.
Spike heels: They get stuck in the cobblestones.
Shorts: You’ll feel odd unless you’re biking or on a beach.
Sneakers: Meaning your gym shoes or white sneakers. That said, comfortable shoes are important as you’ll be doing lots of walking. Make sure you have good rubber soles, as leather slips on the slopes in the hill towns. These days Italian women sport fashionable flat-heeled boots or fancy colored sneakers for day wear.


Before you go, call your bank and credit card companies to give them a heads up, as in these days of high security, they may block your card if they aren't forewarned about your foreign spending.

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